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Back - New Search angular magnification (magnifying power) See magnification. Back - New Search angular momentum Symbol L. e. L = I . Back - New Search anharmonic oscillator An oscillating system (in either classical physics or quantum mechanics) that is not oscillating in simple harmonic motion. In general, the problem of an anharmonic oscillator is not exactly soluble, although many systems approximate to harmonic oscillators and for such systems the anharmonicity (the deviation of the system from being a harmonic oscillator) can be calculated using perturbation theory.

C. value in being a measure of the ability of the current to transmit power. The instantaneous value of a sinusoidal current (I) is given by I = Iosin2ft. If a direct current is supplied to a circuit the only opposition it encounters is the circuit's resistance. However, an alternating current is opposed not only by the resistance of the circuit but also by its reactance. This reactance is caused by capacitance and inductance in the circuit. In a circuit consisting of a resistance (R), and inductance (L), and a capacitance (C) all in series, the reactance (X) is equal to (2fL) – (1/2fC).

It is measured in m s-2. For a body moving linearly with constant acceleration a from a speed u to a speed v,a = (v - u)/t=(v2-u2)/2s where t is the time taken and s the distance covered. If the acceleration is not constant it is given by dv/dt=d2s/dt2 . If the motion is not linear the vector character of displacement, velocity, and acceleration must be considered. Back - New Search acceleration of free fall Symbol g. The acceleration experienced by any massive object falling freely in the earth's gravitational field.

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