By Morris Salkoff

ISBN-10: 9027275521

ISBN-13: 9789027275523

1. desk of symbols, pxi; 2. Preface, pxiii; three. 1. advent, p1; four. 2. significant sentence buildings; the verb; the article, p25; five. three. The Noun word, p119; 6. four. Adjuncts, p167; 7. five. Conclusions; functions, p313; eight. References, p335; nine. Index, p339

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B (Laquelle + Quel livre) voulait Max? → Which (one + book) did Max want? c Sur quoi s'appuie cette échelle? → On what does this ladder lean? d À qui s'intéresse cet homme? → In whom does this man interest himself? e Auquel de ces garçons parlait Max? → To which of these boys was Max speaking? f Vers quelle rue conduit ce chemin? → Towards which street does this road lead? If the main verb is in the perfect tense, then the participle and the subject are inverted: g Qu'ont fait les enfants alors?

12, (i)) c Voici pourquoi Max est faché → Here is why Max is angry The noun adjunct que voici can be translated as here when it is not followed by a colon, and as following, with a permutation to the left of the noun, when followed by a colon: (35)a L'hypothèse que voici est que Ph → The hypothesis here is that S b Il a fait la proposition que voici: nous devons... → He made the following proposal: we must... 2 Verbs The translation of a French verb into English depends on the nature of its subject and object.

What is this broom used for? f À quoi servira ce balai? → What will this broom be used for? Note that the same object sequences can appear with a sentence containing subject inversion, as in (15); in this case, the resumptive pronoun is deleted as before, and the translation is the same as in (19): (21)a À qui cet homme s'intéresse-t-il? → In whom does this man interest himself? b Vers quelle rue ce chemin conduit-il? → Towards which street does this road lead? If the main verb is être, then the English word order is the same as the French: (22)a Quelle est l'importance de cela?

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