By Kazuhiro Kawachi

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My consultant is Abebayehu (Dr. Abebayehu Aemero Tekleselassie; awawaayyo in Sidaama). He was born in 1964 and was brought up in Daayie Village in the Baansa district of the Sidaama zone. 16 16 There is a dialect of Kambaata (Bender 1971) (or an independent HEC language; Crass 2005) called “K’eweena” or “K’abeena”, which is spoken in the Gurage zone, but it is not spoken in the k’eweena clan of the Sidaama zone. - 23 - Kazuhiro Kawachi A Grammar of Sidaama (Sidamo) Chapter 1: Introduction 24 Map 3: Clans in the Sidaama Zone (adapted from Hamer 2003: 197) - 24 - Kazuhiro Kawachi A Grammar of Sidaama (Sidamo) Chapter 1: Introduction 25 His first languages are Sidaama and Amharic.

Sidama Sidama ! ! ! ! E. E. Shewa Shewa Mojo Mojo Mojo Mojo Mojo Mojo ! ! ! ! Guji Guji ! ! ! ! Arsi Arsi Bale Bale Liben Liben OROMIYA OROMIYA ETHIOPIA Nazret Nazret Nazret ! ! ! ! ! Zone3 Zone3 Tendaho Tendaho Tendaho E. E. Harerge Harerge Luug Luug Luug Luug Luug Afder Afder Fik Fik ! ! ! ! HARAR HARAR " " " " " " " " Harar/Hundene Harar/Hundene Harar Harar Harar Harar Harar Harar " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " Assab Assab Assab Assab Assab Assab Zabid Zabid Zabid Zabid Zabid Zabid " " " " " " " " B B B id id id Gode Gode Degeh DegehBur Bur Bur Degeh !

2: Sidaama Morphophonemic Rules and Combinations of Stem-Ending Consonants and Verb Suffixes As shown in this table, what rule is relevant to a particular combination depends on whether the stem ends in a single consonant or a consonant cluster/geminate, and if it ends in a single consonant, what type of consonant it is. (i) Epenthesis of the vowel /i/ between a stem-final consonant cluster/geminate or a single obstruent and a suffix-initial consonant (Abebe Gebre-Tsadik 1985: 73, Teferra 2000: 17-18) In Sidaama, a sequence of three consonants is disallowed in any environment.

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