By Frederick Volkomor Paul Schulze

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Added to the second word. Thus— hagu bhumiel heaven and earth. [> tati dharmue J The conjunction 4. adding the affixes of several wa, zakke, words is formed by inzihi, inzaha. These words may be put together without any affix. Thus— evari nange patka, they brought me mraka aka fruits, trees tatteri and leaves nanu ledkawa, kawangawa neskawa paitee I shot eagles, crows and dogs, tanzi zakke, talli zakke, tail zakke wateri father, mother and brother came. himbori inzihi arna inzihi ranta inzihi higai inzatesi he told me, that he will give me cloth, corn and food.

The postposition connection pagediti only used in is with inanimate It things. is impossible to say riari kokari pagediti takamu go between these two boys i 3. The postposition lehe (according monly used with the Objective idi The is com- case. wedati lehe linzine this shines like the 4. to) postposition sun kuttu and daka are used only for temporal, never for local determination. ro warakuttu nomeri kajate I had fever one week long 5. The postposition eduru (before, in uses the Dative case. nange eduru watesi he came in front of me (towards me) front of) 55 The 6.

2. Example. N. mriesi the son mrika the sons G. mrieni of mrika of 43 I>. mrienaki to 0. mrienai the mrikaki mrikai mrikati or to ") ^^^ ^ Example. 3. N. tonesi the friend toneska the friends

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