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For example, re ‘they’ + a (the aspect marker for completed action) are commonly written as a single morpheme ra in speech and writing. To make the following utterance easier to say and convey the meaning that the speaker intends, s/he purposely inserts the glide: Re a apweerh ! Ra yapweerh ‘they roasted’ The y glide is inserted before the unrounded vowels a, ae, e, and i and iu: Re a isenitiw ! ra yisenitiw ‘They already put it down’ Re a iun ! ra yiun ‘they already drank’ The w glide is inserted before the rounded vowels o and u: Re a uur !

Some vowel representations are different, as are some of the diacritical marks for particular vowels. Using IPA, I created a sound-to-letter correspondence for all six in Table 6 below. 36 Table 6. 2 The origin of Satawalese orthography I asked language consultants when and how Satawalese writing developed on Satawal. Though I was unable to determine exact dates, it appears likely that a writing system was devised by residents soon after the arrival of the Chuukese Bible on Satawal. 37 I asked Francis Hezel, a well-known and respected Catholic priest, scholar, and director of the Micronesian Seminar, for his thoughts.

3 Nouns and noun phrases Noun phrases and verb phrases are the basic building blocks of sentences. Noun phrases act as subjects, direct objects, or indirect objects in sentence. ’ Modifiers of noun and verb phrases add detail and/or descriptive information to the head. In the phrase iig sessaet ke ‘the seasoned fish,’ the noun iig ‘fish,’ is followed by the adjective sessaet ‘seasoned,’ and the definite article ke ‘the’). 4. Nouns refer to physical objects, actions, events, substances, and qualities.

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