By Yoshiki Ogawa

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ISBN-13: 9780195143874

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Syntactically conversing, it has lengthy been identified that noun words are parallel to clauses in lots of respects. whereas so much syntactic theories include this precept, nouns have quite often been considered as not as good as verbs when it comes to their licensing skills, and nominal projections were considered as much less complicated than verbal projections by way of the variety of practical different types that they comprise. Ogawa, notwithstanding, argues that clauses and noun words are completely parallel. This ebook presents a unified thought of clauses and noun words, finally assisting to simplify a number of thorny concerns within the syntax/morphology interface.

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It is important to John *(that) you are here. (Nakajima 1996:154) John wrote down *(that) Mary was there. 8 The analysis in (16) is compatible with this class of verbs/adjectives. That overt verb raising in (16) is responsible for the obligatoriness of that in (17a-d) is suggested by the fact that the following sentences are well-formed without an overt C: Verb Raising and Null Complementizers 27 (18) a. Are you suggesting (that) I have betrayed you? b. It seems (that) he forgot his keys. Here, the lack of the Goal PP implies that neither the projection of V2 (which is only postulated to host the PP) nor the overt verb movement from V2 to V1 exists.

Therefore, another necessary qualification for the base-generation of the finite verb in C will be that it must satisfy some sort of the Last Resort Condition: if the finite verb can move to Infl, it must move to C successive cyclically (trivially, if it need not move to C, it cannot be base-generated there, either). This restriction is not implausible, either, since a similar constraint is found elsewhere in the grammar. Consider the following contrast in English: (65) a. Which book did you read (*it)?

B. *Pyt woe sizze dat hy hie my sjoen. The data in (43) to (46) can be interpreted as showing that the embedded verbs can raise to C only if they can make an embedded V2 configuration in the presence of an overt C. Suppose, following Diesing (1990), that the category involved with the embedded V2 configuration is Infl. Then, the generalization to be explained can be stated as follows: (47) Only the verbs that can raise to Infl can raise further to C. ) (47) could be understood as a descriptive generalization that holds water only in Frisian.

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