By Chris King

ISBN-10: 1430232102

ISBN-13: 9781430232100

With complicated BlackBerry 6 improvement, you will get a entire examine the recent positive factors integrated with SDK 6, together with the net and widgets SDK, the internet browser, and extra. you are going to additionally how to make the most of BlackBerry media functions akin to the digital camera and video playback. The publication additionally exhibits you the way to ship and obtain textual content and multimedia messages, use robust cryptography libraries, and attach with the user's own and company contacts and calendar.

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There is no substitute for running your code on an actual phone and being able to see exactly what is happening. However, running on the phone is more complex than running on the simulator, and you should keep a few points in mind. First, make sure that your particular phone is in a good state for running the app. Devices acquired secondhand through eBay or elsewhere can come with configurations that may block certain operations or fail to make connections. Chapter 9 will specifically address the issue of security policies on ex-corporate phones.

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