By Simon Cozens

ISBN-10: 0596004567

ISBN-13: 9780596004569

With a world neighborhood of clients and greater than one million devoted programmers, Perl has confirmed to be the simplest language for the newest developments in computing and business.

Every programmer needs to stay alongside of the most recent instruments and strategies. This up-to-date model of Advanced Perl Programming from O'Reilly offers the basic wisdom of the trendy Perl programmer. no matter what your present point of Perl services, this e-book may also help you push your talents to the following point and develop into a extra complete programmer.

O'Reilly's such a lot high-level Perl instructional up to now, Advanced Perl Programming, moment variation teaches you all of the complicated suggestions for production-ready Perl courses. This thoroughly up to date consultant truly explains suggestions reminiscent of introspection, overriding built-ins, extending Perl's object-oriented version, and trying out your code for higher stability.

Other issues include:
* complicated info constructions
* Parsing
* Templating toolkits
* operating with ordinary language facts
* Unicode
* interplay with C and different languages
additionally, this advisor demystifies as soon as complicated subject matters like object-relational mapping and event-based development-arming you with every little thing you must thoroughly improve your skills.
Praise for the second one Edition:

"Sometimes the most important hurdle to challenge fixing isn't the topic itself yet really the sheer variety of modules Perl presents. Advanced Perl Programming walks you thru Perl's TMTOWTDI ("There's a couple of technique to Do It") wooded area, explaining and evaluating the easiest modules for every job so that you can intelligently observe them in various situations." --Rocco Caputo, lead developer of POE

"It has been acknowledged that sufficiently complicated Perl code is indistinguishable from magic. This publication of spells is going some distance to unlocking these secrets and techniques. It has the facility to remodel the main humble programmer right into a Perl wizard." --Andy Wardley

"The info the following isn't theoretical. It offers instruments and strategies for fixing actual difficulties cleanly and elegantly." --Curtis 'Ovid' Poe

" Advanced Perl Programming collects richly deserved wisdom from the superior programmers within the Perl neighborhood, and explains it in a manner that even newbies can practice immediately." --chromatic, Editor of

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Extra info for Advanced Perl Programming (2nd Edition)

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Can You Really Screw Up the System? In general, no. When you log in to a Unix system and use your personal userid, the worst you can do is remove your own directories and files. As long as you're logged in as yourself, commands you type won't affect anything critical to the Unix system, only your own personal directories and files. Score one for Unixas an average user, you cannot really break the system. With Windows or Macintosh, though, it can be different story. If you have system administrator rights, meaning that you can log in as root (giving you access to all the system directories and files), you can do a lot of damage if you're not extremely careful.

Programs. Here's where cat does something better than more. See Redirecting Output, earlier, for more information about redirecting commands. Tips • If you inadvertently use cat with a binary file (a non-text file), you might end up with a whole screen of garbage. On some systems, you might try stty sane to fix itmore on this in Fixing Terminal Settings with stty in Chapter 3. You could also just close your terminal window and log in again to fix it. • The tac command is just like cat, but backward.

Eve -rw-rw-r 1 ejr users 0 Dec 31 1998 oldfile $ To create a file: 1. create To create a file, type touch followed by the name of the file. This creates an empty file. 2. ls -l file* Optionally, verify that the file was created by typing ls l file*. 2, you'll see the name of the new file as well as its length (0) and the date and time of its creation (likely seconds before the current time, if you're following along). Tips • You can also use touch to update a file's date and time. For example, typing touch -t 12312359 oldfile at the prompt would update oldfile with a date of December 31, 23 hours, and 59 minutes in the current year.

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