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21 5 Viewed from this angle, it would seem that the formation of the terms talayavijiiana t and tpravrttivijiiana' was stimulated by the Sankhya notions of buddhi a nd buddhiJ)l;'tti, khya term the specific San- 'buddhi ' being, of course, replaced by a Buddhist equi- § 2 . 13 - 29 val e nt , a ccept ' vijiUina r. vi z . Bu t since a Buddhist system co uld not the substantialist pr esuppositions of of buddhilcitta a nd its the Sankhya conce pt fun c ti ons but r ather had to take t he latent and the manifest aspect of mind as two f orms of mind , each existing on its vrtti- or , own, way by buddhi- vfttis had the of a s light to alie na tion, j nan a s a n d buddhi/vijiidna had to as that f orm of mind which is lat e nt be into pravrtti- v i - into be c ha nged expressly qualified (laya- ) or - replacing the Sankhya term by a Buddhi st one and at the s ame time more cl osely adapting to it the co ntext l ying hidden i n (d- Laya- ) the material se ns e-facultie s .

12 - 28 - theless, in cO~n:l_ ng the term t he basic meaning the 'cilayavijiiana'. ional Buddhist sense being , at best, a subordinate Is it possible that , though the taken from Buddhist tradition, t e r m yet the the nuance? 'alaya-' was, to be sure, mea n i n g at least ! the primary meaning, rather reflects an influence from some other, non-Buddhist tradition? should consider, in I cannot this case, resist the impression that one the possibility of an impact - though perhaps merely an atmospheric one and a deliberately alienated one 21" ,) at that - side of the brahmanical Sankhya from the system which was already flourishi ng at the time of the compila- tion of the Var~agaQya which Yogacarabhumi in Y 119, 2) (as is testified by the r eference to and had, could easily be adapted moreover, for a conceptual pattern solving the nirodhasamapat- ti problem.

3), yet unm is takably pre se rves the c l ose rel ati on of alayavi j fiana to corporeal matter. 9 . 2. 9 . 4 Certainly, may thi s have bee n explanation of the term simply taken over, 'alayavijnana ' .... ithout change and a l ong wi t h t he term it self (see § 1. 6 . 4 ), from t he Yogacarabhum i mili e u . But t his is ha rdly possibl e in t he case of t he term by which the SaqKihininnocana sut r a usually d esignates the ney. sublim- ina l kind of mind, viz. I Ii d a 11 n a 11 a a v i j Th is term I.

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