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Subdivision 5 brings another change. It is a c4 structure, again with the 'MAMA' effect, but longer in duration. It ends with c2 (silence). Subdivision 6 quite expectedly brings back a series of cl and c3 events, sustained longer than before. Subdivision 7 also quite expectedly returns to the expression of the c4 type (coloured by a c5 modifier). This event is also the longest of its kind, so far. The tendency is becoming clear: this woman oscillates between two psychic states; one is characterized by cl and c3 events, and the other by c4 38 Alternative voices events.

In this series the c4 type utterances are inhibited. They come to the surface only in subdivisions 25, 27, 28, and 29, and only for very brief durations. This frantic piling of contrast on contrast, the lack of intelligibility of text in the cl, c3, c5 events, the relative emphasis on a specific c3 type affect - the gasp - the spasmodic delivery of nervous laughter, the sudden breaks, the very rapid breathings, and the lack of pauses all convey the impression of a mind in an extremely agitated oscillation between certain psychic states, of a person searching frantically for something.

J. Danehy, and many others, do not explain Sequenza III, they do contribute relevant and important information. A further note of caution is necessary. It is widely recognized by linguists and psychiatrists that much basic research remains to be done before it will be possible to relate, with reasonable probability, a certain pattern of prosodie behaviour to a specific psychic state. D. Crystal states the matter with clarity: 'In the field of psycho-therapy, personality adjustment and so on, the importance of non-verbal aspects has been clearly realised, but little has been done' (Crystal 1969: 66).

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