By Ferdâ Asya (eds.)

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Ideology, Rhetoric, Aesthetics: For De Man (The Frontiers of Theory)

This name provides readings of De Man's critique of aesthetic ideology and the unusual 'materiality' that emerges from it.

Language and Colonial Power: The Appropriation of Swahili in the Former Belgian Congo 1880-1938

One of the preconditions for developing colonial authority was once conversation with the colonised. Verbal exchanges relied on a shared communicative praxis delivering universal floor on which unilateral claims should be imposed. Use of, and keep an eye on over, verbal technique of verbal exchange have been had to hold regimes - army, religious-ideological, monetary - in energy.

Seeds of Decadence in the Late Nineteenth-Century Novel: A Crisis in Values

A comparative overview of the transmutation of a decadent mentality into an identifiable narrative type. the writer examines the paintings of 5 significant novelists within the final sector of the 19th century and makes an attempt to track perplexities, perversities and combos of extra.

Postal Plots in British Fiction, 1840–1898: Readdressing Correspondence in Victorian Culture

By means of 1840, the epistolary novel used to be useless. Letters in Victorian fiction, even though, have been unmistakably alive. Postal Plots explores how Victorian postal reforms unleashed a brand new and infrequently unruly inhabitants into the Victorian literary industry the place they threatened the definition and improvement of the Victorian literary expert.

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In brief, on his return home from battle, Orville Deville falls in love with and marries Lionne Delaforet. Learning his mother is ill, he leaves Lionne with her father to return to his Maryland plantation, River-view. In residence is his first wife, Lady Adelaide. The two cousins had married at the instigation of their parents when they were teenagers, but had never lived together. Orville realizes that he has committed the serious crime of bigamy, but positions the blame on the innocent Lionne for being so extremely beautiful and seductive.

G od p e r m i t s t h e t a r e s t o g r o w w i t h t h e w h e at ” 35 The critic Dana Luciano explains that Southworth’s skills in this area have been overlooked, since the author had previously concentrated solely on illuminating fault lines in the middle-class home; however, Southworth did have a long history of using the “sensational novel as a means of exposing . . hidden networks of corruption” (Luciano 324). Luciano’s perceptive statement is made in a comparative analysis of the gothic elements in Southworth’s novels alongside works by Charles Brockden Brown, Edgar Allan Poe, and George Lippard.

He commits patricide when his own father would have thwarted his seduction of a young widow. This widow, Mrs. Ravenscroft, is later driven mad by the knowledge of Thugsen’s crime. Thugsen is behind almost all of the calamitous plot twists in the novel; he embodies evil. So, when he returns again to his deserted wife toward the end of the novel, even the most conservative and misogynistic reader must repudiate 42 A n n Be e be the idea that he should be granted marital rights by the legal system.

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