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A clean sweep Fig. a broad movement clearing or affecting everything in its pathway. ᮀ The manager and everybody in accounting got fired in a clean sweep of that department. clear the air 1. to get rid of stale or bad air. ᮀ Open some windows and clear the air. It’s stuffy in here. 2. Fig. to get rid of doubts or hard feelings. ᮀ All right, let’s discuss this frankly. It’ll be better if we clear the air. clear one’s throat to vocalize in a way that removes excess moisture from the vocal cords and surrounding area.

A view seen from high above. ᮀ From the top of the church tower you get a splendid bird’s-eye view of the village. 2. Fig. a brief survey of something; a hasty look at something. (Fig. on !. ) ᮀ The course provides a bird’s-eye view of the works of Mozart, but it doesn’t deal with them in enough detail for your purpose. the birds and the bees Euph. sex and reproduction. ) ᮀ He’s twenty years old and doesn’t understand about the birds and the bees! 20 blood and guts bite so’s head off Fig. to speak sharply and with great anger to someone.

Harry thought he could build a better mousetrap, but everything he “invented” had already been thought of. build castles in Spain Go to next. build castles in the air and build castles in Spain Fig. to daydream; to make plans that can never come true. ᮀ Ann spends most of her waking hours building castles in Spain. ᮀ I really like to sit on the porch in the evening, just building castles in the air. bulldoze through sth Fig. to push clumsily and carelessly through something. ᮀ Don’t just bulldoze through your work!

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