By Kenneth P. Bowman

ISBN-10: 012088559X

ISBN-13: 9780120885596

Content material:

, Pages xi-xii

, Page xiii
1 - Introduction

, Pages 3-7
2 - IDL Manuals and Books

, Pages 9-12
3 - Interactive IDL

, Pages 13-31,I
4 - IDL Scripts (Batch Jobs)

, Pages 33-38
5 - Integer Constants and Variables

, Pages 39-48
6 - Floating-Point Constants and Variables

, Pages 49-58
7 - utilizing Arrays

, Pages 59-76
8 - looking out and Sorting

, Pages 77-82
9 - Structures

, Pages 83-90
10 - Printing Text

, Pages 93-100
11 - examining Text

, Pages 101-105
12 - Writing and examining Binary Files

, Pages 107-114
13 - examining NetCDF Files

, Pages 115-125
14 - Writing NetCDF Files

, Pages 127-133
15 - strategies and Functions

, Pages 137-151
16 - software Control

, Pages 153-157
17 - Line Graphs

, Pages 161-170
18 - Contour and floor Plots

, Pages 171-179
19 - Mapping

, Pages 181-191
20 - Printing Graphics

, Pages 193-200
21 - colour and snapshot Display

, Pages 201-218,II-V
22 - Animation

, Pages 219-224
23 - facts and Pseudorandom Numbers

, Pages 227-235
24 - Interpolation

, Pages 237-246,VI-VII
25 - Fourier Analysis

, Pages 247-262,VIII
Appendix A - An IDL sort Guide

, Pages 263-270
Appendix B - instance methods, capabilities, Scripts, and knowledge Files

, Pages 271-276

, Page 277

, Pages 279-286

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Sample text

Here is an example. 0000 See the TOTAL function in IDL Reference Guide. 00000 Next, we replace one of the values in the array by a NaN to represent a missing observation. Conveniently, IDL has built-in constants containing the special IEEE values. VALUES. EXCEPT = 2 and rerun your calculation. That will cause IDL to report errors, if any, immediately after they occur. See System Variables in Building IDL Applications. VALUES is actually a structure that contains four separate values: NaNs and Infs for both single- and double-precision types.

6 Type Conversion IDL has built-in functions to convert between different numerical types: See Type Conversion Functions in Building IDL Applications. 0000000 When a FLOAT or DOUBLE is converted to a LONG, the fractional part is thrown away (like integer division). 8 Infinities and Not-a-Numbers 55 That is, the LONG variable i is converted to a FLOAT or a DOUBLE before the multiplication is carried out. If you must do mixed-type arithmetic, it is a good idea to explicitly convert the types to be sure that the calculation is carried out the way you want.

100 × 10−99 . These are referred to as normalized numbers. 001 × 10−99 , which would be a denormalized form. Generally, IEEE floating-point numbers are stored in normalized form. Note that the rational number 1/3 cannot be stored exactly because it is an infinitely repeating decimal number. The floating-point representation of 1/3 must be rounded to three significant digits. 999 × 100 , not 1. 1 Some floating-point numbers in decimal notation with three-digit precision. 4 Single-Precision Constants and Variables 51 an operation does not return the original value.

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