By C. A. Rogers, J. E. Jayne et. al. (editors)

ISBN-10: 0125931506

ISBN-13: 9780125931502

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In practice all calculators will give these results if the values of xi are keyed in. However, care must be taken that the correct key is pressed to obtain the standard deviation. Some calculators give two different values for the standard deviation, one calculated by using Eq. e. (n - 1), replaced by n. (The reason for this is explained below, p. ) Obviously, for large values of n the difference is negligible. Alternatively, readily available computer software can be used to perform these calculations (see Chapter 1).

The size of the confidence interval will obviously depend on how certain we want to be that it includes the true value: the greater the certainty, the greater the interval required. 6 shows the sampling distribution of the mean for samples of size n. 6 The sampling distribution of the mean, showing the range within which 95% of sample means lie. 2. ) In practice, however, we usually have one sample, of known mean, and we require a range for m, the true value. 2) gives the 95% confidence interval of the mean.

2 Using the same sample and method as in question 1, laboratory A makes six further determinations of the albumin concentration, this time on six successive days. 7 g l-1. Comment on these results. 97. Comment on the bias, precision and accuracy of these results. 4 Discuss the degrees of bias and precision desirable or acceptable in the following analyses: (a) Determination of the lactate concentration of human blood samples. (b) Determination of uranium in an ore sample. (c) Determination of a drug in blood plasma after an overdose.

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