By Mikhail V. Nesterenko, Victor A. Katrich, Yuriy M. Penkin, Sergey L. Berdnik (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0387763600

ISBN-13: 9780387763606

ISBN-10: 0387763627

ISBN-13: 9780387763620

Analytical and Hybrid tools within the idea of Slot-hole Coupling of Electrodynamic Volumes arose from the unique learn effects, by no means ahead of released, first acquired by way of the authors at Karazin Kharkov nationwide collage, Ukraine.

Impetuous improvement of technical possibilities of notebook for the final 20 years, and a strong set of numerical equipment to be had within the arsenals of investigators have pressured the working-outs attached with the quest of analytical options of radiophysical difficulties backward. despite the fact that, at this time, in actual fact glaring that optimum use of machine calculations might be in response to software of analytical tools of boundary difficulties resolution. those tools enable to extend computer use potency and in addition extend their calculation talents to unravel complicated electrodynamic problems.

The authors’ adventure within the improvement of analytical how to remedy the issues of diffraction of waveguide electromagnetic waves on slot coupling holes serves as a great tool to readers drawn to either the sphere of theoretical electrodynamics and the sector of sensible workings-out of multi-functional waveguide units and structures utilizing slot-coupling elements.

Topics coated during this e-book are:

  • problem formula and preliminary crucial equations
  • the averaging method
  • analytical resolution of the essential equations for a current
  • induced magnetomotive forces process for research of coupling slots in waveguides
  • resonant iris with the slot arbitrary orientated in an oblong waveguide
  • stepped junction of the 2 oblong waveguides with the impedance slotted iris

This e-book is meant for tutorial and business researchers considering Microwave strategies, in addition to complex scholars learning Radiophysics and utilized Electrodynamics.

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However, these programs need intensive memory, and sometimes they are very slow, for example, in electrically long slots and multi-slot systems analysis. On the other hand, the approximate methods, mentioned above, have some drawbacks. The known analytical solutions have a limited range of applicability (k L ∼ = π/2 , where k = 2π/λ) and the variational and equivalent circuits methods suppose the presence of a priori information about the distribution function of the equivalent slot magnetic current.

That is ∇r f r −r , H (r ) = − ∇r f r −r = f rotr H (r ) − rotr r −r f r −r in the , H (r ) r −r H (r ) and that is why r −r ε E(r ) f ik V = ik dr − rot r −r ε E(r ) f H (r ) f V dr − V + rotr f r −r r −r dr rotr H (r )dr V r −r f H (r ) dr . 2) for all r points inside the V volume rot H = i kε E , rot E = −i kμ H and due to the divergence theorem rotr f r −r H (r ) dr = V f r −r n, H (r ) ds , S we finally have A= r −r f n, H (r ) ds . 44) S Similar calculations also give the ratio B=− f S r −r n, E(r ) ds .

Solutions for some waveguide discontinuities by the method of moments. IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory and Tech. 7. : Analysis of a centered-inclined waveguide slot coupler. IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory and Tech. 8. : S matrix of slot-coupled H-plane Tee junction using rectangular waveguides. IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory and Tech. 9. : Coupling of waveguides through large apertures. IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory and Tech. 10. : Equivalent circuit of a narrow-wall waveguide slot coupler. IEEE Trans.

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Analytical and hybrid methods in the theory of slot-hole coupling of electrodynamic volumes by Mikhail V. Nesterenko, Victor A. Katrich, Yuriy M. Penkin, Sergey L. Berdnik (auth.)

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