By Arthur Bailey

ISBN-10: 0572024614

ISBN-13: 9780572024611

As a scientist Arthur Bailey used to be shocked t o detect that dowsing really works. This ebook is an acc ount of his discoveries and is still real to the spirit of sc ientific learn. '

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Without trying to be clever, th e answe r is those that do 1I0 t suit yo u ! Fo r instance. As vitam in C (ascorbic acid ) is a ve ry sim ple che m ical, thi s will m o st likel y be perfectly acceptable to yo ur body - j ust like th e natural che mica l. I Iowevc r, so me vi tam i n C table ts co ntain biollavon oids d erived fro m p la nts, Th csc arc m ean t to ass ist the ut ilisati on of the vitami n C by thc body. O n o n e o ccasion, however, I go t a very stro ng negative res ponse from an e xpe nsive make o f vitam in C tablet .

III l I lt' 'lo ~ M:lger Roselle now es tablished a set of pe nd ulum mo ve men ts that we Ii"hly iutc rpret, fro m :I straightforwa rd 'yes ' to a definite 1\1 11 ho w ca n we usc thesc results? Le t us assume tha t we I..... . I"'t tound an undergrollnd stream. T h ere is littl e point in "M I hat water ca n be found at a certa in place wi'th ollt 1I1 \I"fI whether o r not it is d rinkabl e . Undergrou nd water ,II," ,' Ie not always pure; th ey ca n he h eavily mineralised o r 1t"... 1and so be unfit 10 dri n k.

I lise a ke y ring with a sm all crysta l hall in it. This hall is o n a ve ry sh o rt cha in . If olding my keys in m y hand it just lo o ks as iI I am id ly ho ldi ng m y ca r keys. :ICI I a m d owsin g. nsin g the ball as a sma ll pe ndulum . JlISI gla ncing a t th c ball occasio nally is 'Illi te e no ug h; th e main th in g is not to draw a tte n tio n to th e l~l( t that yOll are in tereste d in its m oveme n ts. T h at way you ca n chec k bef o re yOll hu y, and perhaps save yo ursel f a lo t o f mOllcy in the pro cess.

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