By Charles F. Meyer

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Apposition in modern English is the 1st full-length remedy of apposition. It presents targeted dialogue of its linguistic features and of its utilization in several types of speech and writing, derived from the knowledge of British and American desktop corpora. Charles Meyer demonstrates the inadequacies of past experiences and argues that apposition is a grammatical relation learned by means of buildings having specific syntactic, semantic and pragmatic features, of which yes are dominant. The language of press reportage, fiction, discovered writing and spontaneous dialog is analyzed.

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11-4) However, there did occur infrequent instances of double or triple apposition. Example 107 illustrates double apposition: an initial unit in apposition with two units that are also in apposition. (107) This is the bulk of the book therefore, chapters three and four, sections three and four. 2 1003—6) Example 108 illustrates triple apposition: an initial unit in apposition with two subsequent appositions. (108) Similarly, the innovations of bop, and of [Charlie] Parker particularly, have been vastly overrated by people unfamiliar with music, especially by that ignoramus, the intellectual jitterbug, the jazz aficionado.

3 illustrates, consisted of various combinations of proper nouns and common nouns. 7. Appositions containing common nouns Brown Form NP(i) + NP(i) NP(d) + NP(d) NP (i) + NP (d) NP (d) + NP (i) NP (d) + NP (i/a) Other Totals 63 5° 18 15 19 6 171 LLC SEU 69 47 57 4i 13 27 7 5 n 11 1 0 142 149 Total 189 138 58 35 35 7 462 d = definite i = indefinite i/a = indefinite/attributive that we know what it felt like to be jealous, but it wasn't worth the effort of finding out. 1 321-9) (23) The Orioles got a run in the first inning when Breeding, along with Robinson, the two Birds who got a pair of hits, doubled to right center, moved to third on Russ Snyder's single to right and crossed on Kunkel's wild pitch into the dirt in front of the plate.

However, there also exist instances of coordinative apposition in which the units cannot be reversed. 1), cannot be reversed without drastically changing the meaning of the construction. 5 The syntactic gradient of apposition 45 (130a) I keep thinking of my uncle Arthur, or rather my great uncle Arthur. 10 6-7) (130b) I keep thinking of my great uncle Arthur, or rather my uncle Arthur. The situation is further complicated by the construction in example 131: (131a) Britain, after centuries of separatism, is rightly part of Europe - and a very important part at that.

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