By Mirco Ghini

ISBN-10: 3110170906

ISBN-13: 9783110170900

Drawing on a twin services of infrequent depth, Mirco Ghini's publication is a big contribution to either Romance dialectology and phonological idea. It offers a accomplished account of the segmental and metrical phonology of the Ligurian dialect of the village of Miogliola, North-west Italy. in keeping with the author's personal fieldwork, it's the first in-depth examine of this region, additionally tracing its improvement from Latin. function project, underspecification, and volume alternations are so much favourite one of the basic theoretical matters on which the details of Miogliola phonology, meticuously analysed, are delivered to endure with beauty and strength.

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On one side he/she is confronted with the positive evidence 40 Chapter 1: Theoretical assumptions for a rule that turns [t] into [s] before [i]. On the other side, the rule fails when the coronal obstruent immediately (with no intervening morpheme boundaries) precedes a non-alternating [i], that is, an underlying HI. In the elsewhere environment, then, where on the surface an alternating coronal [t/s] contrasts with a non-alternating sibilant [s], it is the latter which is underlyingly marked for continuancy, whereas the alternating consonant is not.

I briefly overview some of these arguments, limiting myself to offer possible answers and paths of research. McCarthy and Taub's points are reported in italics. The diphthong aw can be followed only by coronals, marked or unmarked (mouth, mouse, lout, grouch, Bausch). If a geometry is accepted where non-coronals form a class under the acoustic feature [Grave] (Jakobson, Fant, and Halle 1952) or the articulatory feature [Peripheral] (Avery and Rice 1989; Rice 1994; Hall 1997), then this fact can simply be seen as a constraint on [Peripheral]adjacency.

The first syllable shape is CV. At this stage the place of articulation oppositions in the adult's forms are kept (although the vowels may spread place onto the consonants ι Fikkert, personal communication), whereas only stops can occur as consonants: there are no nasals, no liquids, and no fricatives. This stage is shown in (19) and refers to Jarmo's speech production. 28 (19) Chapter 1: Theoretical assumptions Jarmo's first CV syllables Adult forms daar poes tok klaar auto /da:r/ /puis/ /toik/ /klair/ /oito:/ apie /a: pi:/ Child forms [da] [pui] [ko] [ka:] [taitoi], [to:to], [tetoi], [teto] [taipii] — > -> —> — > — > 'there' 'puss' 'cluck' 'ready' car 'monkey' Interestingly enough, when codas are developed, it is only fricatives that can occur in this position.

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