By Trevor Burnham

ISBN-10: 1937785270

ISBN-13: 9781937785277

Trevor Burnham, "Async JavaScript"
English | 2012 | 104 pages | MOBI | three MB

With Async JavaScript, you’ll boost a deeper realizing of the JavaScript language. You’ll begin with a ground-up primer at the JavaScript occasion model—key to heading off some of the most typical blunders JavaScripters make. From there you’ll see instruments and layout styles for turning that conceptual figuring out into sensible code.

The thoughts within the booklet are illustrated with runnable examples drawn from either the browser and the Node.js server framework, incorporating complementary libraries together with jQuery, Backbone.js, and Async.js. You’ll how one can create dynamic web content and hugely concurrent servers by way of gaining knowledge of the paintings of allotting occasions to the place they should be dealt with, instead of nesting callbacks inside callbacks inside of callbacks.

Async JavaScript gets you up and operating with actual internet improvement speedy. by the point you’ve accomplished the guarantees bankruptcy, you’ll be parallelizing Ajax requests or operating animations in series. via the top of the booklet, you’ll even know the way to leverage internet employees and AMD for JavaScript purposes with state of the art functionality. most significantly, you’ll have the information you want to write async code with confidence.

What you need
Basic wisdom of JavaScript is suggested. should you think that you’re less than velocity, see the “Resources for studying JavaScript” part within the preface.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. knowing JavaScript Events
Chapter 2. dispensing Events
Chapter three. supplies and Deferreds
Chapter four. circulate keep an eye on with Async.js
Chapter five. Multithreading with Workers
Chapter 6. Async Script Loading

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