By Thomas C. Rowley

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A boolean statement is either true or false. Here is a simple example of a Boolean statement. The statement B=(Z=7) will return a 1 for the value of B if Z is equal to 7, and will return a 0 for the value of B if Z is· not eq ual to 7. Add several of these together as in line 130 and you have a powerful statement. Suggestions: 1. Add random colors to the drawing by adding this line. 85 IF STRIG(0)=0 THEN COLOR INT(RND(0)*4) Press the trigger (red) button to change colors. 2. Can you make this program work in GRAPHICS 7?

5 Values of STICK(O) 14 )-------7 11--------------; 5 9 13 10 REM JOYSTICK DRAWING 50 REM SET UP SCREEN 60 GRAPHICS 3+16 70 X=19:Y=9 75 COLOR 1 80 PLOT X,Y 100 REM STICK POSITION 110 Z=STICK(0) 120 REM SCREEN POSITION 130 X=X+«Z=5)+(Z=7)+(Z=6)) 25 140 150 160 170 180 190 X=X-«Z=10)+(Z=11)+(Z=9» IF X<0 OR X>39 THEN X=39*(X>39) Y=Y-«Z=5)+(Z=9)+Z=13» Y=Y-«Z=6)+(Z=14)+(Z=10» IF Y<0 OR 7>23 THEN Y=23*(Y>23) · GOTO 80 The stick position is read in line 110. Lines 130 to 180 change the cursor position.

Change the 32 in line 20240 to O. 20240 12=57344+«ASC(CHARS(U,U»-0) *8) Rewrite the program to display putting lower-case letters in from the keyboard. This change will get characters from a different part of the memory holding the character set. 2. Try it in another graphics mode. 110 GRAPHICS 6 :SETCOLOR 2,4,2 39 3. Try this program in GRAPHICS 4. Only ten bytes of RAM per line are required for this mode. 4. Set up a screen using GRAPHICS 6 that looks like the following. 7 Graphics Screen H E I G H T A B C 0 40 E 41 5 Graphics and Sound Applications This is the section that let's you tie all of your programming techniques together.

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