By Dianne Marsh Bruce Eckel

ISBN-10: 0981872514

ISBN-13: 9780981872513

Atomic Scala introduces the rules of the Scala programming language in very small steps (which we name atoms). The e-book is designed to simplify studying the language for either newbies and skilled programmers. Atomic Scala by means of Bruce Eckel and Dianne Marsh is now on hand as a print booklet (the booklet will seem later, when we deal with the entire formatting concerns, that are extra concerned as a result of fonts and code listings).

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In the first few examples of this book, we show the output at the end of the listing, inside a multiline comment. Note that println will take a single value, or a comma-separated sequence of values. We include exercises with each atom from this point forward. com. The solution folders match the names of the atoms. com. 1. Store (and print) the value 17. 2. Using the value you just stored (17), try to change it to 20. What happened? 3. ” 4. ” What happened? 5. 56. Print it. Atomic Scala • Values • 47 Data Types Scala distinguishes different types of values.

Verify your Scala version by typing scala in a shell (This starts the REPL). 11 or greater. 3. Quit the REPL by typing :quit. 40 • Atomic Scala • Installation (Linux) Running Scala The Scala interpreter is also called the REPL (for Read-Evaluate-PrintLoop). You get the REPL when you type scala by itself on the command line. 0_09). Type in expressions to have them evaluated. Type :help for more information. 11 or greater. The REPL gives you immediate interactive feedback, which is helpful for experimentation.

Here, Scala creates a new value of type Double to hold the result. Using types, Scala either adapts to what you need, as above, or if you ask it to do something silly it gives you an error message. 9Sally Does that make any sense? In this case, Scala has rules that tell it how to add a String to a number. The types are important because Scala uses them to figure out what to do. Here, it appends the two values together and creates a String to hold the result. 9 * "Sally" 48 • Atomic Scala • Data Types Combining types this way doesn’t make any sense to Scala, so it gives you an error.

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