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This booklet addresses debatable concerns within the software of the comparative option to the languages of Australia that have lately come to foreign prominence. Are those languages 'different' in ways in which problem the basic assumptions of ancient linguistics? Can subgrouping be effectively undertaken utilizing the Comparative strategy? Is the genetic build of a far-flung 'Pama-Nyungan' language relations supportable by means of vintage tools of reconstruction? opposite to more and more validated perspectives of the Australian scene, this e-book makes a huge contribution to the demonstration that conventional tools can certainly be utilized to those languages. those reports, brought through chapters on subgrouping technique and the historical past of Australian linguistic class, carefully practice the comparative option to setting up subgroups between Australian languages and justifying the phonology of Proto-Pama-Nyungan. person chapters can profitably be learn both for his or her contribution to Australian linguistic prehistory or as case experiences within the program of the comparative procedure.

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In Austin (1988a) he adds to the Kanyara and Mantharta reconstructed vocabulary and presents further 36 Harold Koch lexicostatistical cognate scores and shared grammatical features in support of four separate genetic groups in the southern Pilbara, while admitting that this evidence falls short of the criterion of demonstrated common innovations from a reconstructed higher-level proto-language (Austin 1988a:4). In addition to the Kanyara and Mantharta groups, he presents evidence for the classification of Yingkarta with Wajarri in the Kartu group.

Mabuiag’, the Western Torres Strait Island, and Miriam were not assigned to the same phylum in spite of their sharing 11 words of the 100 test list). Non-lexical factors played a certain role in modulating the evidence of lexicostatistics. Though the basis of their classification was admittedly lexicostatistical in nature, typological criteria had been taken into consideration in arriving at the results, and had been regarded as decisive in doubtful cases. 7). 3 Results The conclusion was that all the indigenous languages of Australia were related in one macro-phylum (or super-family) — with the exception of: the languages formerly spoken in Tasmania, Miriam of the eastern Torres Strait Islands (known to be related to adjacent Papuan languages of the Kiwai family), ‘Barbaram’ [Mbabaram] of the Queensland rainforest and ‘Aniwan’ [Nganyaywana] of northeastern New South Wales (the last two were later proved by Dixon (1991 with earlier references) and Crowley (1976) respectively to be closely related to neighbouring languages, both having undergone radical sound changes which obscured cognates).

It is a matter of complete lexical differences and, to a degree, also morphological differences between languages. (Capell 1979c:449-450) 4. 1 The lexicostatistical classification Overview The next major classification (after those of Schmidt and Capell) resulted from an initiative of Carl Voegelin of Indiana University, survey work in the years 1959- A methodological history of Australian linguistic classification 31 1961 by Kenneth Hale, Geoffrey O’Grady, and Stephen Wurm (see papers in Simpson, Nash, Laughren, Austin and Alpher (2001)), and collaboration into the mid-1960s by these three researchers plus Carl and Florence Voegelin.

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