By Gregory D. S. Anderson

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This can be the main complete survey ever released of the auxiliary verb development. Drawing on a database of over 800 languages Dr Anderson examines their morphosyntactic varieties and semantic roles. He investigates and explains the old adjustments resulting in the cross-linguistic variety of inflectional styles, and provides his effects inside of a brand new typological framework. He finds a lot that's new in regards to the language households of the area and makes an incredible contribution to the knowledge in their nature and evolution.

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107) (38) a. Gta? b. Gta? ii-fut ‘I was eating’ ‘I will be feeding’ (Mahapatra et al. 1989) (39) Raga (Austronesian; Vanuatu) ra-m ban 3pl-cont go ‘they are going’ (Lynch et al. 2002: 45) (40) Lavukaleve (East Papuan; Solomon Islands) homela-v koi deava sia me-v Wv koi fo’sal vo-kuru me-v Wv woman-pl also diving do hab-pl 3pl:foc also Wsh:pl 3pl:obj-hit hab-pl 3pl:foc ‘women also usually go diving and catching Wsh’ (Terrill 2003: 385) Auxiliaries and AVCs (41) a. Jaqaru (Aymaran; Peru) yatxi-nh sa-w-tha learn-dep aux-compl-1 ‘I almost learned’ (Hardman 2000: 109) 33 b.

Chapter 5 also addresses the striking split/doubled pattern. In this group are languages that split certain types of inXectional categories between the auxiliary verb part and/or the lexical verb of the construction, but other inXectional categories are realized on both the auxiliary verb and the lexical verb. Chapter 6 examines and exempliWes various kinds of fusing of original bipartite auxiliary verb constructions into complex verb forms. This chapter addresses the historical (phonological) developments of integration etc.

The lexical verb is the semantic head, as it determines the valence of the predicate, the semantic role of its arguments, etc. 14 In the aux-headed type, the inXectional head is the auxiliary verb; in the lex-headed type, the inXectional head is the lexical verb. In the doubled pattern, the auxiliary and lexical verbs are inXectional co-heads. g. referent indexes, tense or polarity markers) are split, but there is no consistency with respect to the distribution of these functional categories across all languages showing split inXection.

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