By Arnold Robbins

ISBN-10: 0596527764

ISBN-13: 9780596527761

During this fast reference, you'll locate every little thing you must find out about the bash shell. no matter if you print it out or learn it at the reveal, this e-book provides the solutions to the irritating questions that often arise whilst you're writing shell scripts: What characters do you want to cite? How do you get variable substitution to do just what you will have? How do you utilize arrays? It's additionally useful for
interactive use.

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Fc [options] [first [last]] fc -e - [old=new] [command] fc -s [old=new] [command] fc Display or edit commands in the history list. ) first and last are numbers or strings specifying the range of commands to display or edit. If last is omitted, fc applies to a single command (specified by first). If both first and last are omitted, fc edits the previous command or lists the last 16. The second form of fc takes a history command, replaces old with new, and executes the modified command. If no strings are specified, command is just reexecuted.

String s1 has nonzero length. String s1 has zero length. Strings s1 and s2 are identical. ]], s2 can be a wildcard pattern. Quote s2 to treat it literally. ” Strings s1 and s2 are not identical. ]], s2 can be a wildcard pattern. Quote s2 to treat it literally. String s1 matches extended regular expression s2. ]]. Quote s2 to keep the shell from expanding embedded shell metacharacters. Strings matched by parenthesized subexpressions are placed into elements of the BASH_REMATCH array. See the description of BASH_REMATCH in the “Built-in Shell Variables” section, earlier in this reference.

Directory names. Names of disabled shell built-in commands. Names of enabled shell built-in commands. Exported variables. → Built-in Commands 35 complete ← file function group helptopic hostname job keyword running service setopt shopt signal stopped user variable Filenames. Names of shell functions. Group names. Help topics as allowed by the help built-in command. Hostnames, as found in the file named by $HOSTFILE. Job names. Shell reserved keywords. Names of running jobs. Service names (from /etc/services).

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