By Jacquie Barker

ISBN-10: 1430211156

ISBN-13: 9781430211150

ISBN-10: 1590591461

ISBN-13: 9781590591468

Export writer Barker covers info key for talent with an OO programming language like Java, and indicates how you can really create reusable code and extensible applications.

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II etc. The java compiler is pretty smart about matching up 'else' clauses with the proper 'if' clause when these are nested, but it is best to use curly braces to explicitly state what you mean. For example, the following pseudocode snippet: if (A ) aaa; else if (B ) bbb; else if (C ) CCC; else ddd; is understood by the compiler to mean: i f (A ) aaa; else { i f (B ) bbb; else { if (C ) CCC; else ddd; and, in fact, the first of these two examples would be the preferred coding style for complex 'if - e 1 s e' statements.

Println("B"); Z = X - y; else System. out. java:23: Type expected. and doesn't really help us much in locating the real problem on line 9. However, at least we've properly indented, so it might be easier to hunt down the missing brace than it would be if our indentation were sloppy. 42 A Little Taste of Java Getting 'Hands On' With Java You are most likely eager to get started with writing and compiling java programs. But, we're purposely not going to get into the details of downloading and installing java, or the mechanics of compiling programs, or any of that just yet.

Built-In Java Data Types Java defines four types of integer numeric data: 0 byte: 8 bits 0 short: 16 bits 0 int: 32 bits 0 long: 64 bits 25 Chapter 1 and two floating point numeric types: 0 float: 32 bit floating point 0 double: 64 bit floating point Other built-in data types defined by Java include: 0 char: a single character, stored using 16 bit Unicode encoding versus 8 bit ASCII encoding, thus enablingJava to handle a wide range of international character sets. Note that we use single quotes, not double quotes, to surround a character literal when assigning it to a char variable: char c 0 = 'A'; boolean: a variable that may only assume one of two values- true or false (both of these are reserved words).

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