By Arthur Plotnik

ISBN-10: 0285641336

ISBN-13: 9780285641334

A veritable "tko of terminology," Better Than Great is the fundamental advisor for describing the extreme -- the must-have reference for somebody wishing to upward thrust above drained superlatives.

Deft compliment encourages others to believe as we do, percentage our enthusiasms. It rewards deserving gadgets of admiration. It persuades humans to take convinced activities. It sells things.

Sadly, during this "age of awesome," our phrases and words of acclaim are exhausted, all yet impotent. nonetheless, we discover ourselves defaulting to such recurring offerings as "good," "great," and "terrific," or inventory synonyms that tumble out of a thesaurus -- "superb," "marvelous," "outstanding," etc. The piling on of intensifers comparable to "totally" basically makes concerns worse, whereas damaging modifiers ("incredible," "unreal") render our universal parlance approximately tragic. until eventually now.

Not to mince phrases, wunderkind of word-wonks Arthur Plotnik is proffering a well-knit wellspring of useful and wondrous phrases to rescue our worn-down utilization. Plotnik is either hella AND hecka as much as the duty of rescuing the English superlative, delivering readers the chance never to be perplexed of compliment and acclamation!

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Card-game victory call) glimmering of greatness, a glimpse of paradise, a glowingly great g-o-a-a-l! , legendary Golconda mines in India: promising great wealth) gold standard, the gold-medal golden goose, a gold-plated good to the yolk goodness bottled and corked gooz (good) go-to guy/gal, the gourmet reality governs! , basic element in unified theory of the universe) Greatness 301 greatness affirmed, avouched, and avowed greatness bespangled greatness bulked and pumped greatness deciphered greatness decoded greatness emblazoned greatness full-blown greatness in a lesser guise greatness in alto-relievo (high relief) greatness in high relief greatness in majuscules (large letters) greatness laminated greatness on Pegasus (mythical winged horse) greatness spraddled, splayed, and spangled greatness stockpiled greatness unearthed greatness unfurled greatness with gusto greatness writ large Greatsville green stuff green-jacket (worn by golf Master’s champions) grudgingly perfect guilty of greatness hail-all-hail magnificent hallelujah great hallmark/hallmark, a hall-of-fame halo-wearing hardly evanescent hardly insignificant hardly mediocre hardly trifling hardy has greatness to burn haute!

Oh, pappy! Olympian Olympic gold on a tear on the flag (accurate golf shot) oofy (having money) oozing with talent optimal optimum ordains! ”) Oscar-worthy outlandishly great outperforming outrageously good out-the-blowhole spectacular ovational ownage! ”) pace-setting packed in mohair paean-worthy (song of joyous praise) Palatinate of Perfect, the palmary (praiseworthy) palmy (flourishing, prosperous) pan-supreme (all-supreme) pantingly great paradigm, a (exemplary model) paradigmatic (serving as a model) paradise pie paragon of dignity, a (model of) paragon, a (model) paramount (supreme in rank) parliament of owls, mind like a pathway to perfection, a pay dirt!

UK, shout of approval, parodied by comic Ali G) sensational, short-and-sweet seriously good set-off-the-fireworks great seventy-two-point worthy (large type size) shepherd of humankind, a shiznit, the (rap, semi-vulgar: the most excellent, the best) shizzy (rap, good quality) shoots the works shoulder-to-shoulder with perfection shower-of-sparks brilliant showstopper, a showstopping showpiece, the shredding shreds! , solid throw to baseball glove) smacks of greatness smacks of perfection smoked!

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