By David Griffin

ISBN-10: 158923278X

ISBN-13: 9781589232785

Gives entire, failsafe instructions for overcoming 25 of the commonest plumbing difficulties dealing with owners. geared toward the owners with very little selfmade adventure, the publication assumes no prior wisdom, and removes the entire guess-work and confusion.

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Turn to page 105 to SKILLS LEVEL F L U S H VA LV E — the assembly that releases water from the tank into the bowl EASY replace. S U P P LY — t he hose or tube that takes water from the stop valve to the tank. qxp 3/10/06 11:35 AM Page 52 6 6 HOW TO RESET TANK WATER LEVEL 2 1 Perhaps the most common cause of running toilets is a minor misadjustment that fails to tell the water to shut off when the toilet tank is full. The culprit is usually a float ball or cup that is adjusted to set a water level in the tank that’s higher than the top of the overflow pipe, which serves as a drain for excess tank water.

48 p48 4 Reassemble the aerator exactly as it came apart and hand-tighten it onto the spout. Remove the tape. Replace the aerator if it still doesn’t work right. qxp 3/10/06 11:32 AM Page 49 6 6 WASHING MACHINE FILLS SLOWLY? 1 Turn off hot and cold water to the machine and unscrew supply hoses where they join the machine or at the first accessible coupling. 2 Some water supply hoses for washing machines contain filter screens in the hose couplings that connect to the water supply and to the water inlets in the washing machine.

3 Fully retract the auger until you have recovered the object. This can be frustrating at times, but it is still a much easier task than the alternative—to remove the toilet and go fishing. TOILET CLOGGED. OVERFLOWING! qxp 3/10/06 12:51 PM Page 62 6 + Fixing a Leaky Tub & Shower + 9 6 Tub/shower plumbing is notorious for developing drips from the tub spout and the showerhead. In most cases, the leak can be traced to the valves controlled by the faucet handles. from the spout or the showerhead even when the water is turned off ?

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