By I. I. Brekhman and I. F. Nesterenko (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0080268374

ISBN-13: 9780080268378

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On a number of occasions people, who had been taking it daily for a decade or longer were tested with a single dose of 200 ml, equivalent to 11,200 SUA. Their response was entirely healthy, so stimulating units of action, which are important indicators of useful medicinal preparations and food products, cannot prognosticate toxicity and various other kinds of action. As a matter of fact all the experiments conducted by us and by other researchers were designed to reveal the possible toxicity of 53 54 THE CHARACTER OF BROWN SUGAR'S G E N E R A L ACTION brown sugar.

The qualitative composi­ tion depends on the producer plant. It is probable that 'beet' and 'cane' molasses differ in their chemical constitution. The quantitative composition of molasses' components may be dependent on the place of origin, weather conditions, the genetic properties of the producer plant, fertilizers, and many other factors. Apart from sucrose, molasses contains other monosaccharides, disaccharides and oligosaccharides of a heterocyclic nature, amino and carboxylic acids, complex organic pigments, and other chemical com­ pounds.

It is sold in shops and served at table in cafes and restaurants. Brown sugar is generally be­ lieved to be tastier and to cause a better aroma in coffee than white sugar. It is an essential component of many cocktails. From his con­ versations with many individuals in several countries one of the authors concluded that most people cannot distinguish between white and brown sugar except by their colour and taste. Many of them think that as taste is the priority one can dismiss the *little harm* done by the impurities of brown sugar.

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