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In general, preference should be given to the switch version when possible. , when the conditions involved are not simple equality expressions, or when the case labels are not numeric constants). ¨ 36 C++ Essentials Copyright © 2005 PragSoft The while Statement The while statement (also called while loop) provides a way of repeating an statement while a condition holds. It is one of the three flavors of iteration in C++. The general form of the while statement is: while (expression) statement; First expression (called the loop condition) is evaluated.

Bitwise and compares the corresponding bits of its operands and produces a 1 when both bits are 1, and 0 otherwise. Bitwise or compares the corresponding bits of its operands and produces a 0 when both bits are 0, and 1 otherwise. Bitwise exclusive or compares the corresponding bits of its operands and produces a 0 when both bits are 1 or both bits are 0, and 1 otherwise. Bitwise left shift operator and bitwise right shift operator both take a bit sequence as their left operand and a positive integer quantity n as their right operand.

Like many other procedural languages, C++ provides different forms of statements for different purposes. Declaration statements are used for defining variables. Assignment-like statements are used for simple, algebraic computations. Branching statements are used for specifying alternate paths of execution, depending on the outcome of a logical condition. Loop statements are used for specifying computations which need to be repeated until a certain logical condition is satisfied. Flow control statements are used to divert the execution path to another part of the program.

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