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For a formalization of a theory of the sort we have in mind, ef. Lasnik and Kupin (1976). It may be that the mIes ean be 48 N. CHOMSKY AND H. LASNIK restricted even more narrowly in format, as suggested in the references of note 9. g. a plural noun phrase as antecedent and the reciprocal each other as anaphor), subject to the conditions on anaphora (cf. note 12). Recall that the relation of a moved category to its trace is regarded as a special case of anaphora, and is thus subject to the conditions on anaphora.

J. :J. o. :J. :J. J. past be en give NP and B. :J. p. :J. :J. J. past be en give P. :J. q. :J. :J. J. past be en give P. and B. :J. r. :J. :J. J. past be en give P. and B. wh gifts PP s. :J. :J. J. past be en give P. and B. wh gifts by NP t. :J. :J. J. past be en give P. and B. :J. :J. :J. Si _____ /1J~PP\ rS(TT Ti\ h' J. past be en give P. and B. :J. 9JI is an RPM consider that each element in the listing either dominates or precedes each of the following elements in the listing. For example (54n) dominates (540), (54p), and (54t) since each of these is of theform: Ll wh pres know Ll J.

For example, the fact that L\ is the ''final'' terminal symbol in (28) is represented in four of its elements. So when we apply a transformation affeeting that "final" symbol in (28), the elements AL\, HeL\, hCL\ and heL\ an have to be modified in eoneert. In the examples above, the change in hCL\ only "refleets" a change that 30 H. LASNIK AND J. J. KUPIN is actually occurring in other elements of the RPM (such as hcD). In our formalism these two cases are treated very differently. To compute the mapping we first divide the RPM into two parts; the part which is "intimately" involved in the change (in the examples above, hcD would always be in this part) and the remainder of the RPM, which will be changed only when this is necessary to reflect the changes being made.

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