By Peter C. Morris, James H. Bryce

ISBN-10: 0849308992

ISBN-13: 9780849308994

ISBN-10: 1855734982

ISBN-13: 9781855734982

(Woodhead Publishing restricted) Discusses genetic amendment in cereal biotechnology, explaining the root for present laws and techniques for assessing hazards. additionally addresses particular purposes for cereal biotechnology from using molecular organic instruments cereal construction equipment.

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Courtesy of M-J Cho, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of California, Berkeley, USA. 1 Disease resistance The first experiments to engineer disease resistance in barley focused on barley yellow dwarf virus. Wan and Lemaux (1994)26 transformed barley with a construct containing the coat protein of the virus under control of the constitutive 35S promoter. This approach was based on the results of virus protection experiments with dicots. The experiments with the dicots showed that overexpression of the viral coat protein could result in viral protection.

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