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With its unrivalled insurance of medical and technical phrases, Chambers Dictionary of technology and expertise has lengthy been a necessary reference device for college kids, pros, and common readers. This newly revised and up to date version includes greater than 50,000 transparent and obtainable entries on an impressively wide selection of matters.

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AERO (Aero) Abbrev for Air Education and Recreation Organisation (UK). aero- (Genrl) Prefix from Gk aer, signifying air. aero-acoustics (Acous) Branch of acoustics that treats sound generation and transmission by fluid flow. aerobe (BioSci) An organism that can live and grow only in the presence of free oxygen: an organism which uses aerobic respiration. aerobic (BioSci) (1) Characterized by, or occurring in, the presence of free oxygen. (2) Requiring oxygen for respiration. aerobic plate count (FoodSci) The number of yeasts, moulds or bacterial colonies counted on a culture plate when a suitable growth medium has been inoculated with a sample, exposed to the air or to a surface and incubated at a specified temperature and time period (eg 371C for 48 h).

Air absorption (Acous) Absorption of sound waves propagating in air, caused by molecular relaxation processes and viscosity. air bells (ImageTech) Minute bubbles which have adhered to the emulsion during processing, leaving small circular spots where it has been protected from chemical action. air bladder (BioSci) In fish, an air-containing sac developed as a diverticulum of the gut, with which it may retain connection by the pneumatic duct in later life; usually it has a hydrostatic function, but in some cases it may be respiratory or auditory, or assist in sound production.

Symbol A. See panel on dna and the genetic code . adenitis (Med) Inflammation of a gland. adeno- (BioSci) See aden- . adenocarcinoma (Med) A malignant tumour of a glandular epithelium, or a carcinoma showing gland-like organization of cells. adenohypophysis (Med) The glandular lobe of the pituitary gland, derived from buccal ectoderm (Rathke’s pouch). adenoid (Med) Generally, gland-like. More specifically, lymphoid tissue in the nasopharynx which may become enlarged as a result of repeated upper respiratory tract infection.

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