By G. Venkataraman

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ISBN-13: 9780863113147

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BRAINERD AND LARA A. FERRY-GRAHAM the dilator operculi (DO) is active during the expansive phase of suction feeding but only becomes active at the end of the compressive phase of triphasic ventilation when bubbles are released through the opercular valve (Liem, 1985). Quadruphasic ventilation is more complex and is bidirectional (Liem, 1980). 12): (1) a preparatory phase in which the buccal cavity compresses to expel water, (2) a reversal phase in which activity in the DO abducts the operculum rapidly, activity in the SH Fig.

Soc. 49, 163–183. Brainerd, E. , Page, B. , and Fish, F. E. (1997). Opercular jetting during fast starts by flatfishes. J. Exp. Biol. 200, 1179–1188. Brown, C. , and Muir, B. S. (1970). Analysis of ram ventilation of fish gills with application to skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis). J. Fish. Res. Bd. Can. 27, 1637–1652. Burggren, W. W. (1978). Gill ventilation in the sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus: Unusual adaptations for bottom dwelling. Resp. Physiol. 34, 153–170. Burggren, W. , and Bemis, W.

1971). Air breathing of the garfish (Lepisosteus osseus). Resp. Physiol. 11, 285–307. 28 ELIZABETH L. BRAINERD AND LARA A. FERRY-GRAHAM Roberts, J. L. (1975). Active branchial and ram gill ventilation in fishes. Biol. Bull. 148, 85–105. Roberts, J. L. (1978). Ram gill ventilation in fish. In ‘‘The Physiological Ecology of Tunas’’ (Sharp, G. , and Dizon, A. ), pp. 83–88. Academic Press, New York. Roberts, J. , and Rowell, D. M. (1988). Periodic respiration of gill‐breathing fishes. Can. J. Zool.

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