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Be­ cause they cannot think 01 anything better to use or do. TIw game desiBnen WUI! scraping 1M bolwm cI" 1M barrel/or id«u whm /My cume up with this one. I can accept him having a go at me. but now IN! v€1y having (I go al our p/Qyers. ofT base If you say that someone's judgement or opin­ ion is off base. yoo mean that it is mistaken or wrong. This expression is used in Ameri­ can English. I den't think the church Ls oil base tzl all in wing a moral stand on this. 10')' lar oIf base. I think..

Uve off the backs of someone IT you say that one group of people is llving of[ the backs of another group, you are criti­ cizing the first group because it is using the money and resottrOOS or the second group to. survive, and it gives nothing In return. For too long the fat and decadent rich haw lV«l i rtftJw backs qf 1M working-cJass.. It is a parasitic orsanisation. It has lived off the bacb qf tlu! people. Its mnnbn"s ha� stol­ en and extoned money to sustain t�lves and lMir activities. " backwards or bend over backward to.

It's the idea oj Alan �, series arordinotor, woo has pickro out a baker's dozen oj lOp events betwten April and September. balance in the balance ••• If you say that a situation is in the balance Of" hangs or remains In the balance, you mean that It is not clear what is going to hap. pon. t one oj the judges had dUd una· ped«ily and thot the chcia oj hil sucussor was in the balallCt, with Holroyd and a couple oj others as the most likely candidates. Mankind today facts unprec«lmted problerru and the future will hang in W oolanee ifjoinl solutions are not found.

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