By T. J. Fitikides

ISBN-10: 0582344581

ISBN-13: 9780582344587

Universal errors in English takes greater than 550 examples of commonplace mistakes (for instance, phrases which are usually burdened, misused, or used with the incorrect preposition) and provides an accurate model and clarification that might aid scholars stay away from making an identical blunders themselves. a useful publication for college students who're prepared to 'get it correct' whenever. * deals right models and factors for greater than 550 regular blunders * thoroughly up-to-date to mirror glossy English utilization

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Unsurprised agile [adj] physically or mentally nimble, deft active, acute, alert, athletic, brisk, buoyant, bustling, clever, dexterous, easy-moving, energetic, fleet, frisky, limber, lithe, lively, mercurial, prompt, quick, quick on the draw*, quick on the trigger*, quick-witted, rapid, ready, sharp, spirited, sportive, spright, sprightly, spry, stirring, supple, swift, twinkle toes*, vigorous, vivacious, winged, zippy; concepts 485,527, 588 —Ant. brittle, clumsy, stiff agility [n] physical or mental nimbleness, deftness activity, acuteness, adroitness, alacrity, alertness, briskness, celerity, cleverness, dexterity, dispatch, expedition, fleetness, friskiness, litheness, liveliness, promptitude, promptness, quickness, quickwittedness, sharpness, sprightliness, spryness, suppleness, swiftness; concepts 410,630,748 —Ant.

Ally, assistant, backer, friend, helper, helpmate, supporter adverse [adj] unfavorable, antagonistic allergic to*, conflicting, contrary, detrimental, disadvantageous, down on*, down side*, have no use for*, inimical, injurious, inopportune, negative, opposed, opposing, opposite, oppugning, 2:16 PM Page 20 20 ornery*, reluctant, repugnant, stuffy*, unfortunate, unfriendly, unlucky, unpropitious, unwilling; concept 570 —Ant. advantageous, aiding, auspicious, favorable, fortunate, helpful, lucky, propitious adversity [n] bad luck, situation affliction, bad break*, bummer*, calamity, can of worms*, catastrophe, clutch, contretemps, crunch*, difficulty, disaster, distress, downer*, drag*, evil eye*, hard knocks*, hardship, hard times, hurting, ill fortune, jam, jinx, kiss of death*, misery, misfortune, mishap, on the skids*, pain in the neck*, poison*, reverse, sorrow, suffering, the worst*, tough luck*, trial, trouble; concept 674 —Ant.

Hesitate, stop, withdraw advance [v3] give money beforehand furnish, lend, loan, pay, provide; concept 341 advance [v4] increase in amount, number, or position boost, break the bank*, develop, elevate, enlarge, get fat*, get rich*, grade, grow, hit pay dirt*, hit the jackpot*, improve, magnify, make a killing*, make out*, multiply, pan out*, prefer, prosper, raise, strike gold*, strike it rich*, thrive, up, upgrade, uplift; concepts 236,244,245 —Ant. decrease, take back, withdraw advanced [adj] ahead in position, time, manner avant-garde, breakthrough, cutting-edge*, excellent, exceptional, extreme, first, foremost, forward, higher, late, leading, leading-edge*, liberal, precocious, progressive, radical, state-of-the-art*, unconventional; concepts 574,578,585,797 —Ant.

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