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The equivalent to realization rules in SFG) are optional or determined by the features of the verb. While, for example, extraposition is represented as an option in the clause system network in an SFG, in Hudson's ANTG model this is covered by the rules relating features to structures, and is not included as an option in the classification rules (because clauses with extraposition do not differ in distribution from clauses without extraposition - if one does not consider context, that is). The representation of syntactic structure Hudson employs is a combination of constituency and dependency.

Those proposed by Fawcett (1980) and Hudson (1976). Also considered are some alternative approaches to realization proper that assume a Hallidayan paradigmatic organization and some kind of constituency structure for the representation of syntagmatic organization (Huddleston 1965; Henrici 1965/81; Berry 1977). e. the functions] are the values defined by these relations a class is a set of items which realizes these values. (Halliday 1965/81: 29) This commonness is, however, at a rather superficial level; the following exposition on types of structure will show that there are various ways in which the dual representation of function and class can be implemented.

One way of doing this is conditional marking (see (6) in Fig. 1, where x and m are marked to cooccur). Another way of expressing such a co-occurrence constraint is by a gate (see (7) in Fig. 1, where an additional feature, f, is introduced as a placeholder, as it were, for m). An additional requirement on representation by the system is the possibility of expressing recursion: some linguistic paradigms, such as the English tense system, are recursive (Halliday 1976), the same option being available more than once (see (8) in Fig.

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