By Burton D. Fisher (Editor)

ISBN-10: 0585456291

ISBN-13: 9780585456294

ISBN-10: 193084106X

ISBN-13: 9781930841062

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Fiordiligi: What are you saying? Don’t you think of our poor soldiers who have gone to the wars? Don’t you think about their tears and faithfulness? How could we deceive them? Are you enjoying and celebrating? Dorabella: Odimi: sei tu certa che non muoiano in guerra i nostri vecchi amanti? tra un ben certo e un incerto c’è sempre gran divario! Fiordiligi: E se poi torneranno? Dorabella: Listen to me. How sure are you that our lovers didn’t fall in battle? You know the saying, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Don Alfonso: Lo sanno. Don Alfonso: They do. Despina: Dunque riameranno. Diglielo, si suol dire, e lascia fare al diavolo. Despina: Then let’s prepare the groundwork. Present temptation, and leave the rest to me. Don Alfonso: E come far vuoi perchè ritornino or che partiti sono, e che li sentano e tentare si lascino queste due bestioline? Don Alfonso: And tell me, now that your mistresses are so angry, how will you manage to calm them sufficiently enough to make them reconsider? Despina: A me lasciate.

Dorabella: His head is very cold. Fiordiligi: Fredda fredda è ancora questa. Fiordiligi: And also this one. Dorabella: Ed il polso? Dorabella: Is there a pulse? Fiordiligi: Io non gliel sento. Fiordiligi: I can’t feel it. Dorabella: Questo batte lento lento. Dorabella: This pulse is very slow. Fiordiligi e Dorabella: Ah, se tarda ancor l’aita, speme più non v’è di vita! Fiordiligi and Dorabella: If help doesn’t come soon, they’ll die! ) Ferrando and Guglielmo: (to themselves) (They’ve become much more tame and amenable.

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