By Fritjof Capra

Mit der Revolutionierung unseres Weltbildes durch die moderne Naturwissenschaft haben bereits Forscher wie Einstein, Bohr, Planck und andere das Denken in Richtung auf ein ganzheitliches Weltverständnis und die alten fernöstlichen Weisheitslehren gelenkt.

Der bekannte Atomphysiker Capra hat es vor wenigen Jahren unternommen, Parallelen und Übereinstimmungen zwischen mystischer Erfahrung und wissenschaftlicher Denkweise zu ergründen und nachzuweisen.

Die von ihm festgestellte Konvergenz der Aussagen moderner Physik und östlicher Philosophie führt zu einem ganz neuen Bild unserer Welt. In dieser Welt wird der Mensch nur dann weiter vorankommen, wenn er die wissenschaftliche Erfahrung mit der mystischen measurement seines Daseins verbindet und wenn er beides in sein Denken und Handeln mit einbezieht.

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In reality molecules evaporate or are rubbed off, while others are absorbed or settle on the surface as dust. 1). 1). Some statisticians and others find this definition of probability too narrow, since it applies only to statistically regular trials, and so leaves probabilities undefined in many situations where we should like to use them. For example, a person who is thinking of giving up smoking might be interested in the "probability" that smoking causes lung cancer, since he must weigh the pleasures of smoking against the risk of a painful death.

Events In this chapter we shall explore those implications of the definition of probability and of the Markovian postulate that are independent of dynamics. t The remaining sections will be devoted to the consequences of the Markovian assumption. Even before introducing dynamics into the theory at all, we shall find that we can deduce important qualitative results, concerning in particular the nature of equilibrium and the way it is approached. The elementary part of the theory of probability consists of the immediate consequences of the definition of probability itself.

Exercises 1 Show that the Markovian postulate is satisfied if the energy is the only observable [see eqn. 8) and its successor]. 2. I122112211221 122... Show that the Markovian postulate is not satisfied, but that a Markovian observational description can be set up using compound observational states. 6. Two alternative approaches To support the position adopted in this book, that the physical hypothesis contained in the Markovian postulate is an essential ingredient in any complete account of the foundations of statistical mechanics, we consider in the present section two widely favoured alternative approaches to these foundations which do not make use of the Markovian postulate.

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