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Click File➪New➪Playground (or just click Shift‐Option‐•‐N). The sheet shown in Figure 2-1 appears. Name your playground and choose iOS or OS X as the platform. On the next screen, choose the location for your playground. As noted earlier, you can place your playgrounds in a standard location (like my Playgrounds folder) or you can place them within your specific project folders (or anywhere else you like). That’s all there is to creating a playground. Figure 2-2 shows a playground created for iOS.

Com, which uses Git to manage the files you add to Github. The cost is not great, and it allows you (and perhaps your colleagues) to work together on a project on various Macs. ” If you haven’t used source control, now is a good time to get familiar with it. Organizing files If you’re using Git or Subversion (or another source control tool), you can cross “Organizing files” off your to‐do list right now. Xcode manages files within the project folder for you, and the source control software manages changes to those files using its repository.

Check the right-hand sidebar to see the result. The value shown, “1,” is correct. This is the correct number, and the quotes correctly indicate that the value is a string, as shown in Figure 2-5. Verify the result by adding another line. Here I made the conversion from string to integer by adding var str2: Int = 1 Check the result in the sidebar, as shown in Figure 2-6. Figure 2-5: Testing syntax. Figure 2-6: Check the corrected code.  Chapter 2: Playing in the Playground Note that this new value is an Int and not a String, which you can tell by the absence of quotes.

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