By W. v. Oertzen

ISBN-10: 3540099654

ISBN-13: 9783540099659

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In this chapter I describe theoretical and experimental approaches to the freezing and melting of crystals, with particular emphasis on the ways in which water and ice resemble and differ from simpler materials. NATO AS! Series, Vol.! 56 Ice Physics and the Natural Environment Edited by John S. Wettlaufer, 1. Gregory Dash and Norbert Untersteiner © Springer·Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1999 24 2 Homogeneous Nucleation of Crystals from the Melt Small enough crystallites surrounded by the melt tend to shrink even in an undercooled liquid; large enough crystallites tend to grow because of the greater thermodynamic stability associated with the crystalline phase under these conditions.

3). The conclusion that they are first order phase changes is based on much evidence; regions of 2D solid-liquid coexistence, substantial differences between solid and liquid densities and mobilities, and sharp 2D triple points, where 2D vapor, liquid and solid coexist. In contrast, an extensive review (Strandburg 1988) found that no conclusive examples of continuous dislocationmediated melting had been seen in any experimental systems. Since then, experiments on a few special systems; electrons trapped on the surface of liquid helium (Glattli 1988), charged colloidal particles (Murray 1990), liquid crystals (Chao 1996), and Langmuir-Blodgett films (Sikes 1997) have shown some features of the predicted behavior, yet no simple molecular systems have shown any indications of continuous melting.

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