By Aidan Tynan

ISBN-10: 0748650563

ISBN-13: 9780748650569

The 1st research of Deleuze's severe and medical project.

Aidan Tynan addresses Deleuze's statement that 'literature is an company of health' and exhibits how a priority of well-being and disease was once a attribute of his philosophy as an entire, from his earliest works to his groundbreaking collaborations with Guattari, to his ultimate, enigmatic statements on 'life'.

He explains why alcoholism, anorexia, manic melancholy and schizophrenia are key ideas in Deleuze's literary concept, and exhibits how, with the flip to schizoanalysis, literature takes on a very important political and moral position in supporting us to diagnose our current pathologies and articulate the probabilities of a overall healthiness to come back.

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If Nietzsche, for example, aimed his critique at the nihilism of European culture and Christian morality, defining these in terms of a transhistorical sickness of humanity which modernity brings to a point of crisis, then Nietzsche’s solution, in Deleuze’s reading at any rate, is to bring this situation to completion in order that nihilism may defeat itself (NP 172). indd 28 03/04/2012 13:27 A Case of Thought health. In order to understand how Deleuze makes this argument, we must examine some of the conceptual intricacies of his reading of Nietzsche.

This is because thinking must be distinguished from knowledge or mental activity in general: remembering, sensing, imagining and so on. These modes of cognition remain at the purely empirical level of recognisable objects. 1 In other words, thought goes beyond the given differences which allow us to recognise the objects of our experience, and in turn leads towards a realm in which differences are not yet distributed in objects. Thought emerges only through this attempt to think the indifferent.

Deleuze defines the body in terms of constraint and blockage: it is the body which limits and blocks and thus is what forces us to think. indd 35 03/04/2012 13:27 deleuze’s literary clinic to thought but which comes into existence only through phenomena of limitation: we are driven to think only via the restrictions which embodiment forces on us. 13 However, in grasping this blockage in its positivity, Deleuze asserts, the body as a material limitation on thought necessitates the methodologically crucial distinction between knowledge and thought and gives to the latter its de jure power.

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