By Joseph T. Shipley

Joseph T. Shipley’s tome Dictionary of Early English offers an indispensible and exceptional reference software at the examine of early English. With a preface via Mark Van Doren and an in depth headword record, this dictionary brings to mild the phrases, options, and vocabulary of historical English. Joseph T. Shipley has written and edited a number of books, dictionaries, and anthologies together with The Origins of English phrases, glossy French Poetry, An Anthology, and Dictionary of global Literature.

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Alicante, faire apart. wine of mulberries, made at allegant, alycaunt, alligaunte, aligant, and the like. Fletcher, in THE CHANCES (1620) said: You brats, got [begotten] out of TIMON (1585) depicts a wondrous Thirtie rivers more With aligaunte; alicant. land: Ale flowed from the wine from the trees Which we call muscadine. Alicant was a popular drink; its deep red color was attractive; many a courtier wore a doublet of allicant. thirtie hills of sugar; rockes, may have had this in number of English words begin with Hence alkahestic, alkahesti- is (1705) from the German word Al-gehest, which signifies all spirit.

I in An See ambry. tions, often almus, flexible worn almariole. almifluent. to allicholy and musing; in his THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA the Host Says tO a almain-rivets, light armor, first See adlubescence. methinks you're called The word litermeant German (French aleman, allemand); Almany, Germany, and an Aleman was a German, almain-quarrel, a dispute over nothing, an unnecessary argu- allycholly. guest, also ally loquial style, used in talking with others; conversational. Julia (disguised as a boy): adds the almane, aleman, almond.

Anthropomancy human , observation anthroposcopy, of entrails; personal haruspicy, appearance of things being sacrificed; heiromancy, entrails of sacrificed animals; excharacteristics; auspicy, entrails tispice, from plucked a fowl. lampadomancy, candles; what burns (and how it burns or the wick floats about) in a lamp; libanomancy, burning of incense (so the Fates are not incensed); lecanomancy, a bowl of water reflecting a practice still current in Slavic lands, especially at Christmas- candle flames some THE PSYCHOANALYTIC REVIEW tide.

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