By M. S. Bhatia

ISBN-10: 8122426190

ISBN-13: 9788122426199

This dictionary is in particular written in an easy language for simple greedy of psychology and allied sciences. approximately 8000 wards utilized in the fields of psychiatry, psychology and neurology were prepared in an alphabetical order besides their definitions. a number of the very important phrases of psychology and allied technological know-how similar with India have additionally been integrated. This ebook will act as a complement to Textbook of medical Psychology written by means of comparable writer and released by means of an identical publishers.

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H. Masserman. Biofeedback: Provision of information to a subject regarding one or more of his physiological processes in the effort to enable the subject to gain some element of voluntary control over bodily functions that normally operate outside consciousness. See also Learned automatic control. Biological clock: The idea that organisms contain a mechanism which maintains a fairly constant rate and which is responsible for controlling biological rhythms such as the sleep wake cycle. See biorhythm, circadian rhythm.

S. Neki 1972). Asch effect: A term used to describe conformity arising through awareness that, if the individual stated their own judgement, they would be responding differently from the rest of the group, and that others would be aware of that dissent. Asch’s studies of conformity involves a subject members had been primed to give obviously wrong answers to a relatively simple problem and the real subject had to answer openly, after the majority had answered. Asch, Solomon Eliot: Born in 1907, in Warsaw, His work has been seminal in the study of both conformity and impression formation.

The appearance of equal distance is achieved by carefully balancing the perspectives of the room and the levels of the floor and ceiling. The effect is that people or objects of the same size appears to be of different sizes. Amimia: A disorder of language characterized by an inability to gesticulate or to understand the significance of gestures. See also speech disturbances and learning disabilities. Amnesia: Pathologic loss of memory; a phenomenon in which an area of experience becomes in accessible to conscious recall.

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