By A.S. Markov, V.A. Romanov, V.I. Rydnik, E.G. Rys, V.M. Borsch, S.N. Korchomkin, N.S. Skorokhod, Yu.V. Fedirko, N.B. Shaykhon

ISBN-10: 9048182484

ISBN-13: 9789048182480

ISBN-10: 9401712557

ISBN-13: 9789401712552

Scientific and technical contacts among international locations· have necessitated the booklet of assorted language textbooks, manuals and reference books. fairly vital between them are multilingual scientifio and technical dictionaries. This English-German-French-Dutch-Russian Dictionary of Scientifio and Technical phrases includes a few 9000 entries. the most fea­ ture of the Dictionary is that it comprises at the start normal clinical phrases wanted via an engineer operating in any department of technological know-how and know-how. along with, the Dictionary comprises the elemental phrases utilized in physics, mathemat­ ics, the basics of electric engineering and chemistry, and likewise the main crucial phrases relating production procedures. computer layout, checking out equipment, and so on. The Compilers have been faced with a tricky activity, as these days technology and know-how are constructing quickly and the minimal medical and tech­ nical vocabulary required through a expert is expanding consequently. The Compilers have taken precise pains to incorporate the complete uncomplicated mod­ ern technical vocabulary, omitting superfluous phrases and words. they've got attempted to resolve this challenge through identifying frequently these clinical and tech­ nical phrases which represent the fundamental of a specialized vocabulary. There­ fore, the Dictionary contains the vocabulary touching on basic examine classes in arithmetic, physics and chemistry, and in addition in electric engi­ neering. electronics and laptop layout, given in technical schools irrespect­ ive in their specification. This lends the Dictionary an «all-purpose» char­ acter, making it both precious to scientists and engineers of alternative nations, who've graduated from faculties with assorted curricula.

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Aiguille f 3. bras m II 1. arm m 2. wijzer m 3. arm m II 1. IlJIe'lO n (pbt'laea): pbI'Iar m 2. CTpeJiKa f (npu6opa) 3. KpOHIlITeHH m A425 armature core II Ankerkern m II noyau m d'induit II ankerkern m II Cep,lJ,e'lHIIK m [TeJIO n]llKopll A426 armature winding II Anker· wicklung f II enroulement m d'induit II ankerwikkeling t II 06MoTKa t llKOpll A427 arm of bridge II Briickenzweig m II bras m du pont II brugarm m II IlJIe'lO n (lIsMepHTeJIbHoro) MOCTa A428 arm of couple II Kraftarm m, Arm m des Kriiftepaares II bras m de levier d'un couple II krachtarm m II nJIe'lO n IlapbI CIIJI A429 arm of force II Kraftarm m II bras m de force II krachtarm m II IlJIe'lO n CIlJIbI A430 armored glass II Drahtglas n II verre m arme II gewapend glas n II apMllpOBaHHoe CTeKJIO n A431 array ilFeld n, Datenfeld n II tableau m II rij t (m) II MaCCHB m lkunstmatige] radioactiviteit f II HCKyccTBeHHall pa,lJ,HOaKTHBHoCTb f A439 artificial variable II kiinst· Iiche Variable f II variable t artifi· cielle II kunstmatige variabele f II HCKYCCTBeHHall nepeMeHHall t A440 aspherical II asphiirisch II aspherique II asferisch II ac

EcTBO) n B229 bonding force II Bindungskraft t II force t de liaison II bindingskracht f (m) II CHJla f CBHSH , ,B230 Boolean algebra \I Boolesche Algebra t, Algebra f der Logik II algebre f booleenne II Boole-algebra f (m) 1\ aJIre6pa f JIOrHKH, 6YJIeBa aJIre6pa f B231 Boolean function II Boolesche 110gischej Funktion f \I fonetion f booleenne II Boole·functie III 6YJIeBa cPYHKuHH'1 8232 boost pressure II Ladedruck m \I pression f de suralimentation; sur· pression f II aanjaagdruk m \I )laBJIe· HHe n HaJlJlYBa; llo6aBO'lHOe llaBJ1eHHe n B233 borane Ii Boran n, Borwasserstoff m, Borhydrid n II borane m II boraan n \I 60paH m, 60POBO)lOPO)l m.

EHHH A503 audibility zone II Horbarkeitsgebiet n, Horbarkeitszone f II zone f d'audibilite II hoorbaarheidszone t 1\ S0Ha f CJIhIWHMOCTH A504 audibleness II Horbarkeit f II audibilite f Ii hoorbaarheid f II CJIhIWHMOCTb f A505 audible range /I Horbereich m II zone f d'audibilite II hoorbereik /I II (qaCTOTHble) npe,lleJIbl m pi CJIblWHMOCTH A506 audio frequency II Tontrequenz t. Horfrequenz I II audiofre. quence f. 1IeHTa f SBYKOsanHCH A509 augend II Augend m, erster Summand m II premier operande m d'une addition II eerste op te tellen getal n II nepBoe CoIIaraeMoe n A510 aural perception II Horempfindung f 11 perception f acoustique II hoorwaarneming f II CoIIYXOBoe BocnpHliTHe n .

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