By Samuel H. Elbert

ISBN-10: 8748000493

ISBN-13: 9788748000490

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T o be low tide (frequently preceded by masa or tnagino). PPN 'ango'ango. 2. See 'ago'ago 1, 2, 3. 'ango'angohaki. See 'ago'agohaki. 'angobaa. See 'agobaa. 'ango ba'e. See 'ago b. 'ango bango. See ' a g o bago. angobia. See agobia. 'ango 'eha. See ' U S O angsghapu. See agoghcrprr . 'angoghapu. NF. Small edible crab on coastal reefs. 'angoha. See 'agoha. 'angohaina. See 'agohaina. 'ango hakz'oti. See 'ago 11. 'angoheki. See 'agohaki. 'angohana. See 'agohana. 'angohanga. See 'agolzangn. 'ango hange.

Aso'aso. V qual. T o be favorable (followed by gaoi) o r bad (followed by songo or rnaase'i), as of weather. E 'a. gaoi te baka, the canoe has good weather. KO arc e 'a. rnaase'i ki tai, I had bad weather at sea. 'asogago ('asongango). V. To be the 29th night of the lunar month. See nzaugu. 'asonga. N(a)V. Vandalism, meddling; woman with many husbands or lovers, prostitute. to commit vandalism: to meddle; to be ill. disposed; t o be promiscuous. , there was vandalism in my homestead. N o k a te 'a.

Baasikosiko. Redup. of baasiko. T e gctani manga b. e ia te hakahua, the servant helps the cheif. baasongo. See songo. baasugu (baasungu). See sugu I . baasuu. See suu. baataku. V. To protrude, as tongue. T e kaltine e b. e ia ia te au, the woman sticks out her tongue at me (as insult, joke, or sexual invitation). See mea. hebaataku'aki. Recip. baate'ule'u. See te'ufe'u. baato. NA. Canoe connectives, hakabaato. V. T o make, have, serve as baato. baatou. See tou I . baatugabu (baatungabu). See tugabu.

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