By Kathryn Allan (eds.)

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In this chapter, though, I suggest that the examination of disability representation can contribute something quite specific to what we know about genre: in some texts disability functions as a generic marker, so that analyzing depictions of disability is a means toward a greater understanding of a text’s generic identity. This is particularly relevant for texts that combine or blend conventions of multiple genres, and my discussion focuses on John Varley’s “Tango Charlie and Foxtrot Romeo” (1986), a SF-crime hybrid.

The doctor was dead, and the thing that had been Charlie’s mother lived on. Bach wondered if the verb “to live” had ever been so abused. All of its arms and legs were gone, victims of gangrene. Not much else could be seen of it, but a forest of tubes and wires entered and emerged. Fluids seeped Freaks and Extraordinary Bodies O 43 slowly through the tissue. Machines had taken of the function of every vital organ. There were patches of greenish skin here and there, including one on the side of its head which Charlie had kissed before leaving.

28 O Joanne Woiak and Hioni Karamanos “Communication is vital, if we are ever to become human beings. ” These passages resonate with DS awareness that judgments about what counts as normal and disabled are always in flux. Configurations of disability vary further, as the novel’s subcultures manage diversity in unique ways. Travelling through these milieus, Lobey learns to view disability “multiplexually,” or from all angles at once, a concept that Delany favors (Weedman, “Art and the Artist’s Role” 156).

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