By E. Santesso

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ISBN-13: 9781137281722

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Focusing on British novels in regards to the Muslim immigrant event released after 11th of September; this publication examines the promise in addition to the boundaries of 'British Muslim' id as a workable type of self-representation, and the demanding situations - quite for girls - of reconciling non-Western non secular identification with the secular regulations of Western states.

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For the first time, Shahid begins to think about just what a fatwa is and what it represents: a dictate which moves between nations—and yet which demands of its supporters that they share a particular mental 46 Disorientation: Muslim Identity in Contemporary Anglophone Literature state. Although he does not feel comfortable entering into this new and more fanatical mindset, he does not openly admit his objections. In the end, the appeal of the new, global state held out by Riaz proves temporarily too hard to refuse.

Yet] [t]he Mahometan conquerors of India, who were a small minority, held possessions by a right which violated justice, yet there were few insurrections against their authority, and not one case of successful rebellion in the course of seven centuries; and will a right, which is obtained by the transfer of its equivalent with the free consent of the seller, be more likely to excite hostility? Are the manners of Englishmen less to be endured than those of a fierce, uncivilised race? (34) All in all, these texts—written in various genres and reflecting a range of political interests—served to tint the supposedly neutral and encyclopaedic information about the East (the kind of information desired by Montagu’s and Pardoe’s audiences) by highlighting the cultural, racial and religious differences of the “Mahometans,” all in the service of consolidating a firmer Western identity.

In the end, the appeal of the new, global state held out by Riaz proves temporarily too hard to refuse. Shahid somewhat reluctantly agrees to go along with the plan and brings a stick “to suspend the burning filth” for more dramatic effect. All this sets up a final and literal confrontation between Riaz and Deedee, as they stand at opposite corners of the protest grounds, demanding Shahid make a choice once and for all: he can either assimilate fully into Riaz’s dogmatic gang or he can pursue his guilt-ridden sexual experimentations with Deedee as an infidel.

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