By Caroline Bingham; Ben Morgan

ISBN-10: 1405310375

ISBN-13: 9781405310376

What's sensible underground? the place are you able to locate the world's ugliest fish? Why are fungi so tremendous? Take an awesome examine the flora and fauna to determine! become aware of crops and animals and the place they dwell - from deserts to oceans, rainforests to mountains. This paintings is jam-packed with interest quizzes, 'turn and research' containers and 'did you know?' proof, plus notable images, so there is plenty to determine and discover. it truly is ideal for nationwide Curriculum Key level 1. cross forward and take a jump into the flora and fauna!

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Spotted hyena Bone breaker Hyenas will eat up to one-third of their body weight at one meal! Their powerful jaws easily crush bone, and their stomachs can digest bone and hide, so little is left when they have finished eating. b e a Virginia opossum d off a car e cas ick s. Vulture Scavenger Vultures are scavengers, and they are not fussy about the freshness of the meat they find. Their closest relatives are the cats. A h ald cle s y a t s ad en h nw ea m si p t The Virginia opossum may lie still for up to six hours until it feels safe again.

Zebra can also reach 65 kph (40 mph), and will outrun most predators. Wildebeest are large, but they can reach speeds of 80 kph (50 mph) if needed. Thomson’s gazelle, like the springbok, will “bounce” in flight. Ostriches can reach 70 kph (45 mph), and keep going for about 30 minutes. They are herbivores. The nest has a trumpet-shaped entrance. Gerenuk on some of the predators who hunt the grazers, pages 52-53 51 Grasslands Hunters and Scavengers With so many plant-eating animals around, grasslands are a magnet to predators.

Ready for lunch Pitcher plants contain small pools of syrupy liquid. Insects fall into the pools and drown. A rare sight The Sumatran rhino is one of the rarest animals of all – just 300 or so exist. It is also the smallest and hairiest of all rhinos, although its coat of hair is rather sparse. A suit of armour The pangolin hides in a burrow by day and emerges to hunt at night. Its scales form a flexible shield. Malaysian pangolin Monkey cup pitcher plant Person of the forest Orang-utans are closely related to human beings and chimpanzees, and they are just as clever as chimps.

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