By Derrick Cutting

ISBN-10: 1859591914

ISBN-13: 9781859591918

Tips to ditch the stomach fats that is undermining your metabolism, drop pounds, reduce blood strain and steer clear of a middle assault.

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If you really feel you cannot adapt to skimmed milk, semi-skimmed will give you half the fat of whole milk. ) Even then, I recommend skimmed milk for cooking (including sauces and custard) because the chances are that you won’t notice the difference in taste. Another great advantage of fully skimmed milk is that you can buy it in powder form. Provided you reconstitute it in advance (by mixing with water in a pint jug and leaving it in the refrigerator until it is cold) you would never know it hadn’t come from a bottle.

Much of our body is made of protein and we need a regular supply in our food for the growth and repair of body tissues. Proteins are large molecules constructed from hundreds or thousands of small units called amino acids. Each amino acid consists of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. When protein is digested in the intestine, it is broken down into amino acids again and these are absorbed into the bloodstream and used to make new proteins for the body’s maintenance and construction programme.

But how do you value a human life? Convinced? Personally, I think there is something quite obscene about the idea of drugging the population en masse to try to prevent a Dump Your Toxic Waist! Final:2008 28 17/3/08 09:49 Page 28 Dump Your Toxic Waist! disease that results from poor diet and lifestyle. ) I would much rather reduce my risk of heart disease by enjoying the rich variety of a healthy diet than try to offset the damage of a poor, unbalanced diet with drugs. Wouldn’t you? If so, read on.

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