By Timothy Clark

ISBN-10: 1472506480

ISBN-13: 9781472506481

1 The Anthropocene – questions of definition
2 Imaging and imagining the complete Earth: The terrestrial as norm
3 Emergent unreadability: Rereading a lyric by means of Gary Snyder
4 Scale framing
5 Scale framing: A reading
6 Postcolonial ecocriticism and de-humanizing analyzing: An Australian try case
7 Anthropocene disorder
8 Denial: A reading
9 The tragedy that weather switch isn't ‘interesting’

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There is a thin, undecidable line between acceptance of death and denial of the nature of its reality. Critics tend towards using Keats’s poem to endorse a sense of ‘the ecological’ that is more the latter than the former. However, like our being unable to think straight about death, the poignancy of Keats’s text is the way it hovers between the senses of the ‘natural’ (as a supposedly desirable norm) and that of the merely orbital or astronomical as already described. In Tennyson’s line, ‘Man comes and tills the field and lies beneath’, the sense that human life is cyclical gives no consoling sense of perpetual renewal, only of a cycle as impersonal as the Earth’s orbit or spinning.

It is all-pervasive, assumed but unthematized. The question of the meaning of the Earth is latent even in the simple pervasive confusion about the words ‘earth’ and ‘world’. Does the term name the physical planet or the universe? When we speak of ‘the world’, the referent is almost always to the specific planet (as in ‘the deepest seas in the world’), yet to speak of a person’s ‘world view’ is to imply a view of the cosmos in the broad sense. ’ seems to hover between one sense and the other, as if they made no difference.

Each named object ‘defeats’ one of the other three but is also ‘defeated’ by the remaining one, making an openended sequence of win then lose or vice versa: scissors cut paper, rock blunts scissors, paper enwraps rock.  . 4, December 2011, 5–16, 7. com/ anthropocene/ 26 Climate Wars: Why People Will Be Killed in the 21st Century (Cambridge: Polity Press (2012), 27). 27 Philip Luker, quoting Adams, Philip Adams: The Ideas Man, A Life Revealed (Melbourne: JoJo Publishing, 2012), chapter 18, location 3127.

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